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Why won't a custom Toolset added to Arcmap execute?

Question asked by elbertmatt on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by rscheitlin

Robert Scheitlin, GISP


So I've recently been attempting to calculate road widths for a project, and I figured there must be some toolset to do large areas fairly quickly.  I've come across a custom toolset for calculating road/stream widths (link to tool below).  Yet the toolset won't actually execute once I've added it to ArcMap. 


A few pieces of info:

1. I'm using ArcMap v.10.5.1

2. I have a road widths .shp, as well as road centerline (both necessary for executing the toolset)

3. Upon initial test, I received this: 'ERROR 000824: The tool is not licensed.' (perhaps I haven't properly added/activated the custom toolset?)

4.  I'm going to trying to create a geodatabase in which all of my input/output datasets are stored to see if that fixes the issue.

5.  If I can't find a solution, is there an easier way to do this in either ArcMap or ArcPro?


Toolset Link:


I'll try a couple more things with this toolset and I appreciate any/all feedback I can get on this.