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How to merge ArcGIS feature layers and display as one layer on client side

Question asked by on Oct 16, 2019
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I am working on a project that utilizes ArcGIS JS API to display maps using the approach of Portal Item layers. ( Now we have a request to merge these layers (either on the client side or some other approaches) and display as one layer. And so far I haven't found a way to do it with ArcGIS JS API. I have considered switching the entire client-side JS library to something like esri-leaflet, and raised a question at their repository. Then the closest answer/approach I get so far is to subscribe to ArcGIS Enterprise and use dynamicmaplayer to achieve this. My question: Is there any way to achieve this (pulling multiple Portal item layers and merge & display as one layer) just with ArcGIS JS API? Or in general - What are the possible/recommended approaches to achieve this, no matter client side or not? If we can rebuild the entire app to achieve this, what is the recommended approach?