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Migrating attachment tables and relationship classes from .gdb to .sde without copying and pasting??

Question asked by jstaley19 on Oct 15, 2019
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Our consultant was housing our data on their server until our Enterprise was up and running. I received the data in a .gdb. Their dataset was set to NAD83. My dataset is NAD83 HARN. They converted our data to NAD83 when we gave it to them, I am assuming because they set their dataset up that way.


Attachment tables for images, as well as relationship classes were created by the consultant. The data was returned in NAD83 in their .gdb. I projected it back to NAD83 HARN, brought in the tables, replicated the relationship classes based on Global ID's. Everything seems to be working fine, even our other relationship classes that are essentially just tables, except the images. When I join the tables together all of my matches appear, and the data is shown. However, I still cannot view any of my images that were stored in the data.


What am I doing wrong? 


Is it is possible to JUST bring in an attachment table and/or the relationship class, and re-establish a relationship to feature classes that are already in a data set, that would be great. I know copy and pasting the feature classes into the dataset is the best way, but our field guys have still been collecting data, on the feature classes, just not collecting images. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to figure this out for 2 weeks now.