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Dynamic table in map series layout

Question asked by on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by mitchh300

Hello, I am working on ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2 and am working on a project that is a map series of ranches. There are about 300 ranches (or pages in the map series). Each ranch contains a handful of subdivided blocks, each block with their own acreage and and variety (what is planted in each block), such as mandarines or oranges. On each page in the map series, I'd like to have a table showing varieties and how much acreage for each variety is on the page. We have a blocks layer that would inform the table, each block is a feature. Each feature has a variety and an acreage, however the acreage is per block, not variety. There could be two or even ten blocks with the same variety, but we'd want to list each variety once in the table with its corresponding acreage. We essentially need a table that auto calculates what the acreage is for each variety on a given page.