Stuck on Explore Tool While Editing

10-14-2019 10:55 AM
Occasional Contributor III

  Suddenly today after we updated our anti-virus software, I now noticed that I'm seeing ArcGis Pro suddenly default to the explore hand icon when I'm editing and I cannot get any other tool working and I'm stuck in infinite pan mode until I exit Pro and re-load the map.  Seems to happen only during editing for me anyways.

  Noticed this (Problem: The mouse cursor is stuck as the Pan tool, but that seems to be for ArcMap and only dealing with the ("...after pressing the corresponding Z, X, and C hot keys."which I have not keybound those.  I am finding this happening with the Split tool with about 50% success rate of it working or locking to the explore hand tool.

  Didn't have any of this before today when we updated Trend Micro virus software and wasn't sure if others in Pro are experiencing this too now?

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