Keep Output Name the same as Input Name for geoprocessing

Discussion created by tbrousseau2584 on Mar 14, 2011
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by tonalca6864
Hi I'm going to be converting 100s of Arc ASCII grids to ESRI Grid then to contours. Overall I want to keep the same name. Is this possible in batch geoprocessing? I've used the iteration command in batch geoprocessinig (using the '%i%') before but was wondering if there was another way to keep the name exactly the same. I have some python experience but have never tried to keep the name the same for so many files.

Overall the ascii file is called something like 'elevation_k1.asc' then I want convert it to ESRI grid and be called 'elevation_k1' and I want that name to be the same when I convert it to contours.

Anyone have any tips, tricks, or recommendations in keeping that file name the same name? Thanks.