onPan event Handler different behavior on different browsers

Discussion created by jvseagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Mar 14, 2011

Below is my problem:

1 - I have created a custom Layer extending the a esri.layers.Layer class.
2 - I have registered a listener to catch the onPan event for the Map class.
3 - The layer is loaded correctly and the event is also called whenever I pan the map.

When I pan in Chrome and IE9 the content in my custom layer follows almost in real time the content of my basemap. When I pan in IE8 or Firefox it doesn't. The data in my custom layer moves following in real time my mouse but the data in the basemap takes more time.

I have debugged the code and my conclusion is that the panHandler is only called once having a big delta (more than 50) and therefore there is no sequential images between the beggining and the end of the pan movement. It just goes from the initial position to the end.

Is there a way of solving this?