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Why does the Address Locator not recognize Arc Segments?

Question asked by btsang on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by mvolz47

Background: attempting to create a Fishbones layer to validate addresses for our jurisdiction.


I've created a Dual Range Address Locator based off of our road centerlines. I geocoded a table of our addresses then used the XY to Line tool to create the Fishbone from our address points to the geocoded table. For the most part it was successful, but I noticed this in an area:


The geocoded results did not follow the road centerline feature. It actually is following an older, outdated centerline we've since updated. I've rebuilt the Locator several times and ensured the correct feature is selected as the Reference Data for the Locator. It still continues to reverse geocode to that older centerline, which is nowhere on my map.


Using the Address Inspector Tool, this is what I get:

Has anyone experienced this odd behavior when geocoding? Am I missing something? Am I going crazy? Any and all input is greatly appreciated.


tldr; reverse geocoding results are showing results from older feature.


EDIT 1: (Title also edited)

A colleague of mine and I were troubleshooting the problem and he stumbled upon the issue! It looks like the Address Locator and Address Inspector tool do NOT recognize segments created using the End Point Arc Segment/Arc Segment tools.


When using the Address Inspector tool for these segments, the tool completely ignores the arc and skips to the next vertex of the line (drawn red).


Now...has anyone experienced this or know why it does this?