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Show Time box grayed out in hosted service pop-up

Question asked by kmeinert on Oct 9, 2019
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Anybody ever tried to turn time back on in a Date field on a hosted AOL service?


We're using the Road Closure app and the editors decided they also wanted the option to enter the Start and End time in addition to the date.  This should be easy, but the box to show time is grayed out.  I can turn it on in the read-only view version I have for the public facing app, but that really doesn't help when the editors can't actually put a time in on the editing version. 


I've tried deleting that read-only view in case that was mucking things up and I still couldn't click the box on, so that wasn't it.  I can edit the time in the service via ArcPro, so the field can apparently handle it.  Is there somewhere else I can look?