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Error 00210: Server cannot write to Scratch.gdb in arcgisserver folder

Question asked by cdhGIS on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2019 by cdhGIS

I recently created a model to be published as a geoprocessing service which will take a number of feature classes and perform several processes and rewrite them back to our server.  When I run the model, everything works correctly and I can publish the service with no issues.


The issue is that when I run the process on our server, it fails and writes the following error code in the server log:

Error executing tool. Land_Type_Acres Job ID: jd17fece367bc42e69c34a27e144faade : ERROR 000210: Cannot create output c:\arcgisserver\directories\arcgisjobs\assessing\ltacreage_gpserver\jd17fece367bc42e69c34a27e144faade\scratch\scratch.gdb\LandType_Scratch\temp_int_woodland Failed to execute (Intersect (2)). Failed to execute (LTAcreage). Failed to execute (Land_Type_Acres).


I have attempted to work with the environment settings in the tool to change the scratch.gdb, have tried making the model work in a local geodatabase only, and allowed data store access to the arcgisserver folder.  Nothing seems to work.