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Database view - Help with Statement

Question asked by pan_gis on Oct 2, 2019
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Very basic question. not for me....


I am trying to create a database view with this statement. (both from catalog and from toolbox)


CREATE VIEW readings_view
 AS SELECT (b.shortname,b.longname,r.timestamp,,r.acmode,r.actemp)
 FROM #nameofFeatureClass# b, #nameOfTable# r
 WHERE b.shortname =;


I get this error


There is already a relationship 1:M between the two. but I am trying to crate this view and publish it as I need to crate a symbology from related table. I read that creating a database view is a possible way but I cannot get it.


What do I do wrong?


I am trying to replicate what is in here: Example: Create database views in SQL Server using SQL—Help | ArcGIS Desktop