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from xy coordinates to feature class

10-03-2019 03:44 AM
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I have XY Coordinates in xls and I want to convert these in feature class layers.

I tried by using display XY data in ArcGIS data and ArcGIS pro but I am getting an error.

ERROR 000308  Invalid field type

Please review and let me know how to resolve this issue

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the degree sign, I hope, is purely for display... otherwise the values are not numbers but text

Excel To Table—Conversion toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop after you clean up the excel file


XY Table To Point—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop or

Make XY Event Layer—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 

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Hi, Sorry to say.. it couldn't work

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Hi Udaya,

I believe Dan was correct that the degree sign is causing the issue.  I removed the degree sign, and then executed the Excel to Table tool.  I was then able to convert the geodatabase table to point data.  Attached is the Excel table.