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Hiding data after public input

Question asked by ABCottrell on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by MClaggett-esristaff

I'm wanting to make a form/app for public input only but, after data is submitted, make the data inaccessible outside of the form.  My understanding is that to make a hosted feature layer available for data entry to the public in a form would also make that feature layer available outside of the form/app.  My understanding is this means that you could search for that feature layer through the basic search in AGOL and see the whole data table.  Is there a way to make just that layer available through the app and inaccessible everywhere else in the AGOL environment?  The reason is that I'm looking for a solution that allows a resident to enter their ownership information into a form based web app but now allow that data to be searchable or used in any other manner outside of its intended purpose.


Thank in advance.