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ArGIS Server - Can't change FeatureServer maxRecordCountFactor parameter

Question asked by DemersM on Sep 23, 2019



I would like to increase the number of features per tile in a FeatureServer hosted on ArcGIS Server. I have followed the tutorial described here: Error: Layer did not draw completely because there are too many features to display  in order to increase the maxRecordCountFactor parameter but I got the following error:


{  "error": {   "code": 500,   "message": "Service 'PanneEdition'.'FeatureServer' does not exist in folder 'Panne'.",   "details": []  } }


Then, I browsed to the server directories to see if a .FeatureServer folder exists for that service and there is only a .MapServer folder. However in the REST endpoint I see that the FeatureServer does exists.


What can I do from here?


Thank you!