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Compare Webmap Layer to WorkForce Assignment Layer

Question asked by Matchpointwater on Sep 24, 2019
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Following the "Automatically generating assignments in Workforce " I was able to get a script working for automating workforce Assignment generation. I would like to add a condition to this to first check for any existing assignments before generating a new one. To do this I would like to compare the ID number(leaknumber) in my webmap layer to the workOrderId in the assignments layer. If the webmap id number does not exist in the workOrderId field then I would like for it to generate a assignment.

Below is the existing input for generating assignments 

I am fairly new to arcgis api for python and am not sure the best way to go about this. Some blogs state to compare layers, I should first join them and then look for differences. I have also @seen others that create a loop within a loop to first check if feature service 1 == feature service 2. 


What is the most efficient way to add this condition in?