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Html Link Causing Data Errors

Question asked by JHabel09 on Sep 23, 2019
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I am having an issue with a google maps url causing data errors that is prevent editing of the survey data.  The Url that i am using is so the crews editing existing data can launch google map for driving directions.  I originally copied the following expression esri's support page.  FAQ: Is it possible to view a geopoint location from Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS in Google Maps? 


The expression in my survey form.

concat('<a href="',pulldata ("@geopoint", ${Gps_Coord}, "y"), ',' ,pulldata("@geopoint", ${Gps_Coord}, "x"), concat('&amp;ll=">Click to open google maps</a>'))


The issue seems to be the " qoute marks for "https and =">.  This is causing some sort of data error that makes it impossible to edit any of the attributes for the survey.  If i remove the quotes then there is no data error but then the link no longer works in the survey field app.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  I have esri support looking into it.