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Question asked by petronilamandeno on Sep 17, 2019
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I created a public survey and I have collected data from several anonymous users. However, now that I have the data, I realize that I wish I had a few other columns to keep track of activities associated with each submitted survey.


I think I want to do this with hidden fields. That is, I want several fields that only I (as the administrator) can see that are for me and my colleagues to answer for each survey (i.e. does the survey respondent require a follow-up call, who is that call assigned to, and what are/were the call results).


Can I use hidden fields to do that? And can I add them after I have already started collecting data? Or should I just export the data and keep track of the after-survey activities separately?


I created my survey via the website and not using XLSForms. There doesn't seem to be an option to add a hidden field/question via the website. Or am I missing something?


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Esther (my middle name)