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Cannot modify symbology of some feature layers

Question asked by jestanford on Sep 16, 2019

Hi All,

My question is why I am able to make web map edits to certain feature layers but not others.


I have several map services published to a an ArcGIS Server 10.5 instance.


The first map service I add to a web map via the Add - > Add Layer from Web tool. I am able to edit the symbology and configure popups for each of the sub feature layers.


The second map service is on the same server but when I add it to the web map I can only edit certain feature layers.


For a handful of sub layers when I click the Change Style button it opens this empty form. The "Choose an attribute" dropdown is empty.



When I click the Configure Pop-up button nothing happens. I don't get the usual configure popups form. I don't get anything.


I have seem some folks have a similar issue that is related to field order - Why can't I continue configuring the pop-ups on my AGOL map?  but this does not seem to be the issue in my case.


Any suggestions of what to look for?