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Why can't I continue configuring the pop-ups on my AGOL map?

Question asked by bokeefe on Sep 1, 2016
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I have a map on AGOL that we have created a Web Map for via WAB. It's been in production, on an internal server (so no, I can't share the url), for a few months now. I got a service ticket today to add the OBJECTID to all popups for all feature classes. Please don't tell me why this is a bad idea, I already know.


Mine is not to question why, Mine is just to eat the pie.


SO ANYWAY, I am on AGOL configuring the pop-ups when 8 layers in clicking on CONFIGURE POP-UP for a layer does nothing. Not a thing.


I try to click on other CONFIGURE POP-UP for other layers... nothing. I try to do this for layers I've already added OBJECTID... nothing. I can click on the map and see my brand new popup configurations and there is the OBJECTID... but I cannot change it anymore.


On any layer.


I have rebooted even thinking it might be a weird browser issue... nothing.

No more editing the pop-ups...


Here is a quick screencast showing my frustration...

ArcGIS Online Popups Not Configurable Suddenly - YouTube  


Any ideas?