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Question asked by Ben.Sperry_oxitec on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by dougbrowning

Hi, I was hoping to get some input form the community on the best way to accomplish the following workflow.


1) A field tech sets an insect trap in someones yard. They collect location info as well as a description of where the trap is located and a few images of the trap and its location.

2) A week later a field tech (maybe someone different) goes to collect the trap using the description and images to find where the trap has been placed (They are sometimes difficult to see).

3) The field tech re-sets the trap in the same location (hopefully keeping the same description and images available for the next time the trap needs to be collected as well as any additional comments or images)

4) The trap is taken back to the lab and the contents are identified and counted.


What I have now is as follows:

A) At the top level a feature item recording the point location and images.

B) A repeat (related table) that records each trap instance (date set, date collected, etc)

C) A repeat (related table) attached to the trap instance (two levels down from the feature item) which records the number of each species found (one repeat(related record) for each species).


I use the inbox feature for the field techs to see what needs to be collected as well as which collected traps need to be counted. Three forms: One to collect the original features, one for trap instances, one for lab counts.


The problem:

Survey123 doesn't support showing images on surveys accessed through the inbox, so the field tech can't use them as a reference, which makes it difficult for them to find the traps. If they use Collector to find the features they will be able to see the images but they can't use the repeat to enter trap instance information in Collector. I can use URL links to open a form from within collector but then it is not related to the feature.


Is there a way for the tech to see reference images from within Survey123?

Is there a way to start a related record from Collector?

Is there a way to use a QR code (printed on the trap) to pull of the correct feature record as a survey?

Is there another solution I am not thinking of?


Many thanks