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Enterprise 10.7.x deployment Error on Azure cloud

Question asked by Roberto.Martinez_winrockgis on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by meiseman_dev

We are trying to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.x in Azure cloud and when after clicking "Finish" to create the Deployment, we are getting an "Operation Failed" error of "Template validation errors:- InvalidTemplateDeployment. Details:- The template deployment 'azuredeploy-0909-1536' is not valid according to the validation procedure. The tracking id is '3ad1437f-189b-48c6-9cfa-74a228510488'."   


The Error details is "at ESRI.ArcGIS.Azure.IaaS.Jobs.DeploySiteWithAutomationJob.<StartJobAsync>d__14.MoveNext()"


What might be causing this problem?