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Creating a feature class and loading data programmatically

Question asked by azlotinesri-ca-esridist Employee on Sep 6, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by azlotinesri-ca-esridist

I have created a Pro addin and a button which creates a feature class in a file geodatabase and then writes features into it. The features are created with a callback as per All the geoprocessing calls are using the GPExecuteToolFlags.None flag so no output is being added to the map. The code runs successfully but no features are written into the feature class. When I close Pro, I get the "Do you want to save the edits?" prompt, and if I click Yes, the features do appear in the feature class. It looks like the edits are being added to the Pro edit stack. Should this be happening when I am using the callback to create features? How can I have the edits saved automatically? Thanks.