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How do I read a CIRCULARSTRING geometry type in ArcGIS?

Question asked by mjdmorgan on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by mjdmorgan

The background for this is that I have a set of tables in SQL Server (version 2014) that has geometry that is specified in OGC Well-Known Text (WKT) either as a COMPOUNDCURVE or as a CIRCULARSTRING. CompoundCurves just need to be broken out into separate LineStrings and CircularStrings, and I have a SQL function that can manage that in a similar manner to GeometryCollections, so I can ignore those for the time being.


It's the CircularStrings I need to worry about. My understanding is that the current ArcGIS SDE standard (I am using ArcGIS 10.6.1 and ArcPro 2.4.0) does not read the CircularString geometry type ("Invalid Entity Type"), although this was part of the SQL geometry types since 2012. The SDE solution was to create a binary column in tables with curves called GDB_GEOMATTR_DATA, that could supplement the normal Shape column (which is WKT and readable in SQL). The GDB_GEOMATTR_DATA column appears to be proprietary.


The Big Question is this: is there a mechanism to easily convert the CircularString geometry into an SDE readable Shape-Geomattr_data combination? Without resorting to spending yet more money on Data Interop. (because we spend enough on ArcGIS as it stands), or resorting to free solutions (which I should not have to do due to the amount of money we spend on ArcGIS)? Or is there a future plan to read CircularStrings and CompoundCurves (a 7-year-old standard in SQL Spatial) in ArcGIS? Or is there at the **very least** a format doc for the GDB_GEOMATTR_DATA (and if not, why the super-spy top secrecy)?


Thank you all for any assistance.