Color balancing bug?

Discussion created by MervynLotter on Sep 3, 2019

Hi there


A few days ago I created a new Drone2Map project using Drone2Map 2.0.1. I was analyzing about 485 drone images from a DJI drone taken at varying elevations, and I opted to create both 2D and 3D products. I also opted to create the mosaic dataset with color balancing. 


The processing took about 12 hours to complete before Drone2Map started with the post-processing to create the mosiac dataset with color balancing. That was 59 hours ago ...... and the Drone2Map processing log says it is still "Color balancing mosaic dataset" ... 


I include below the end of the processing log for your information. 


The fact that it has failed to finalise the color balancing suggests this may be a bug. So my reason for writing is to alert you to this but to also ask what would be the best way to stop the color balancing so that the 2D and 3D products still load so I dont have to manually add these derived datasets?  Do I just click on the "Stop Current Task" button (indicated by the yellow arrow above)?