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LayerToggleButton Widget, deployed but invisible

Question asked by esri_bing on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by esri_bing

Hi Robert, or anyone who can help, 

Unzipped "LayerToggleButton" folder is copied to ...\server\apps\13\widgets folder.

But when I try to add the widget into my app, this widget is not on the list to choose from.
I did the 1st readme instruction. Not sure what and where to edit the main config.json? Can you explain more/
1. Replace the widget.js in the themes\FoldableTheme\widgets\HeaderController folder with the one I have provided in this download.
2. Manullay edit the apps main config.json to add "selected": true, to the widget.


The unzipped "LayerToggleButton" has two sub-folders  "HeadController" and "LayerToggleButton" ,  I also tried to only put the subfolder "LayerToggleButton" under widgets, still no luck.

What could I do wrong? Thank you very much.