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Function or procedure does not exist after upgrading Arcgis

Question asked by klee_2 on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2019 by martinsirko

I face some difficulties since i upgraded my application from ArcGIS 10.2.2 to ArcGis 10.7.1.
Some functionalities now send the following errors :
Function or procedure does not exist [gref_v1_prod.gref_v1_prod.$SomeTable]
$SomeTable can take differents values according to the fonctionality used (REFERENTIEL, OMAJ, ...).
When checking, the tables REFERENTIEL, OMAJ, ... are in the database.


These errors occure the most often when trying to save or insert into the database.
Some of the following lines trigger the error :
One important point is that some functionalities of my application use these portion of code and works well while others will trigger the error.
Among them some will always the send error when other will only send it the first time it is ran and will not trigger it again until the application is rebooted.


The technology used is C# with ArcObject 10.7.1 using ArcMap.
The database is postgres 10.9 with postgis 2.4.


Theses portions of codes worked very well in 10.2.
Do you have ideas about the origin of this problem or do you have some piece of advices to help me face it ?