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QuickCapture Dropping points before submission

Question asked by cdickerson@waukeshacounty.gov_WaukeshaCounty on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by cdickerson@waukeshacounty.gov_WaukeshaCounty

Hey folks,

I know that QuickCapture is still technically in Beta, but has anyone else attempted to use the application and had success?  I created a quick four button app to use to tag addresses where improper recycling as occurred.  Through some general preliminary testing, we have noticed that some of the points that we have plotted are not fully being captured (Example: we collected five points and only two of them and showed up to be submitted & and likewise for another nine points only 6 showed up to be submitted).  Has anyone else had this issue yet and could this be explained due to the application is still in BETA?  Finally, we attempted to collect up to about 20 points and received an submission error, and nothing was able to be submitted.  Has anyone encountered this and does anyone know if there is a limit on how many points can be collecting before submitting?


Thanks in advance.