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ServiceFeatureTable Timeout?

Question asked by mjk5000 on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by mjk5000

I have am connected to our company portal and I have a serviceFeatureTable (onlineFeatureTable) that I set to one of my maps operationallayers and then regularly query and get results from it


onlineQueryID = serviceFeatureTableX.queryFeaturesWithFieldOptions(fieldsQueryParameters, Enums.QueryFeatureFieldsLoadAll);


This query normally returns results when its feature status is updated and Does Something with it


Connections {
        target: onlineFeatureTable

        onQueryFeaturesStatusChanged: {
            if (onlineFeatureTable.queryFeaturesStatus === Enums.TaskStatusCompleted) {
                Do Something

            else if (onlineFeatureTable.queryFeaturesStatus === Enums.TaskStatusErrored){


 This above normally works.  But it seems that after about a half hour or so, my table never returns any results, I get the TaskStatusInProgress back from the Tables FeaturesStatusChanged Property, but never anything else.  The only way I can get this to reset is to run the logic to rebuild my ServiceFeatureTable, but I never know when to do this.  Is there a timeout or something on the ServiceFeatureTable that I can catch or monitor, or some status that I can get on the table to know if it is "Stagnant" in some way.