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Intermediate Algebra calculation in Survey123

Question asked by iverson_forest on Aug 21, 2019
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This is my first attempt at more complicated Survey123 calculations. The purpose is to automatically calculate timber volumes based on a few user entered values. The formula is simple, but there is a mistake somewhere in my syntax and I am missing where it is. My formula is as follows:


Gross Volume =


${log1_length_gross}*((pow((${log1_butt_diameter} div 100) div 2), 2)*pi())div 2) + ((pow((${log1_top_diameter_gross} div 100) div 2), 2)*pi())div 2))


In excel I normally express the formula as follows:


= ${log1_length_gross}*(((((${log1_butt_diameter}/100)/2)^2)*PI())/2)+(((((${log1_top_diameter_gross}/100)/2)^2)*PI())/2))


Thanks in advance.


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