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Why does the basemap change when downloading a mobile map package?

Question asked by nsimmons on Aug 16, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by mpordesdemo

I am creating a mobile map package in ArcGIS Pro that I want to upload to ArcGIS Enterprise, and then download it for offline use on iPads. Before I created the mobile map package, I added the light gray canvas basemap, and used the "Download Map" button (from the Map tab) to clip the basemap so it could be uploaded and used offline. Then I created the mobile map package and successfully uploaded it onto ArcGIS Enterprise. 


On the iPad, I downloaded the map, but when I opened it (on the iPad) it was showing the "Streets" (yellow) basemap. I have tried this a handful of times and I keep getting the same result.


Has anyone else experienced this issue or know of a patch/fix that is coming soon?