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Output from Share->Map gives wrong area

Question asked by orerocks on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by raze

When exporting a map view using Share->Export->Map, the output does not match the current view extent. This was an issue in older versions that was supposedly fixed in 2.3 (, but I am still seeing the issue in 2.4.1. Exporting layouts works fine, but doesn't allow generation of world files or GeoTiff tags. The selected export resolution doesn't seem to change the output area. I use 4K resolution, but switching to lower display resolution doesn't fix the problem either. Is there anything else I can do?



In another attempt to resolve the issue I set a custom extent for the map, and clipped the map to the same extent - I would assume that the output image in such a case would be limited to that clipped extent, but it is not. So neither the custom map extent nor the current view window control the output image extent. The output view seems to be hardwired somehow.