Printing from ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by njbarger on Nov 15, 2018
    • MBDriscoll
    • njbarger

    Here is the problem I am facing.  When printing from ArcGIS Pro Map Tab/View Pro does not grab the total extent of the map... it grabs a square that is really unknown to the end user.  This makes it very difficult to know what is being printed from the Map View.


    So why do I want to print from the Map and not a layout?  Why not??  Simple Web Application have the ability to print Map only views.  We have users that in their daily work flows zoom a map into an area, print the area, move onto the next location, print, etc.  This paperwork gets sent to the field for review.  Currently there is no way for the end users to know what they are printing.  Currently the best solution to print what's on screen is to use the Snipping Tool within windows to select what is shown on screen.  This is unacceptable from such a  power GIS Tool.  Another workaround is to create a layout, add the map frame to the layout, print the map, delete the layout, then move the map, add another map frame, print, repeat.  Also, working exclusively in the layout view is not ideal either.


    Here are my solutions...

    1.  Correct the print tool within the Map View/Tab to print the extent of the person's screen.  This will obviously create problems if the screen is not the same ration as a sheet of paper (8.5 X 11, or 11 x 17, etc).  This can be worked around easier than not having the data at all.  This should also be the easiest solution.


    2.  Another solution that I would like to see implemented would a "follow" button on a layout.  So, you create a layout and you should have the option to "follow" whatever map view you added to the map.  This way when you move the map the layout will follow.  This can be a simple check box.  One problem that can come from this is what happens if you click on the X to close the map view or delete the map view.  This can be handled by a simple on screen warning popup.  "This layout follows the map view you are closing... do you want to continue?"  If you say yes then the layout "unfollows" the map.  You could then re-associate the two if it is opened again.  If you delete the map view a similar message appears saying something about permanently breaking the follow link.


    Like I said, option 1 is the easiest solution.  However, I think there is a reasonable case for option 2.  I have numerous cases for this within our Organization.  In the past with ArcMap we were able to make a layout a template with text and other information on it.  Then end users could find a property and print out a map.  Now we can't do this.