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Why must I have Office in order to install ArcGIS Maps?

Question asked by adamhoxie on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by rsears-esristaff

I am on a trial run of ArcGIS Pro, attempting a comparison vs. QGIS, which is free and has essentially no restrictions.  I want to see if ArcGIS has more or better features, in particular I want to see its 3d capabilities compared to QGIS's 2.5d.  I am trying to create vector maps and attribute tables which I will need on the job, importing and exporting info from a huge property database.  After following the Venice training samples, I still can't create maps on my own.  After a bunch of searching, I have discovered (now half-way through my free trial period) that I also need to install AcrGIS Maps.  Ok.  No, wait.  I need Office on my computer.  Apache is not acceptable.  Why?  And how many more hurdles will I have to overcome to be able to draw a polygon?