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What is causing HTTP error 404 when trying to access GeoEvent Manager from desktop app?

Question asked by geollect_ryan on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2019 by JEdstrom-esristaff



It is my intention to utilise the GeoEvent Server, hosted on an AWS EC2 (m5.xlarge). 

I have (successfully I believe) set up the Portal, ArcGIS Server, and a Spatiotemporal Datastore on the machine, and am looking to set up GeoEvent. I used the AWS Windows AMI for version 10.7 for the installation. 


I have tried to follow the guidelines here (Installing GeoEvent Server—ArcGIS GeoEvent Server (Windows) Installation Guide (10.7) | ArcGIS Enterprise ), which suggests following the Desktop App to access the GeoEvent Manager. When I do this I get a "404.0 - Not Found" response. Presumably, if I can access the server my ports etc are set up correctly, and so I ask what is causing this issue, and most importantly how can I fix it?