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combine points

Question asked by jpilbeam Champion on Aug 12, 2019
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I'm wondering how to combine points that are within a small distance from each other, but are from the same feature class. The points represent signs on a road. When the feature was originally created an additional point was created if the sign had something on the back-- so, two points for the same sign. But, the tricky thing is each point was given a unique number.


My question is how can I bring these points together and at the same time preserve the attributes?


In ArcGIS Pro, I've tried arcpy.MergeLayers_geoanalytics, but that doesn't seem to work because it requires two layers. I've also tried arcpy.Integrate_management, but this treats the points within a specified distance as vertices, and sort of pulls them on top of each other.


In this screen shot is an example of two signs with a point for the front of the signs and a point of the backs. I'm looking to combine these somehow?