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How can I use 2525D in ArcGisRuntime

Question asked by 3edc2wsx1qaz on Aug 13, 2019


I Want use 2525D in ArcGisRunTime(V100.5)。But I don't Know how to input the instruction,I don't know how much parameters(EX: _type、_id...)and there corresponding attributes。How can i know how much and how to input,Can anyone tell me what can i do Or anyone can give me documents, Thanks


各位前輩好,我現在試著在ArcGis RunTime(V100.5) 繪製2525D的符號。但我不知道它需要的參數種類有多少種,且他相對應的屬性資料為何。若各位有任何文件可供我參考,我不勝感激,謝謝。