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Survey123 Connect Add Four Watermarks to Photo

Question asked by COMAS_orsted on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by BArmstrong-esristaff

Hello -


I love the Watermark feature that you can add to photos in Survey123 Connect.  I have been working with generating four Watermarks into one photo via Survey123 Connect. I'm trying to show the following:


1. topLeftWatermark="10 kV muffe- V2" This is the Survey Name - Works fine! :-)


2. bottomLeftWatermark - Project Nr or Work Order Nr (coming from an input field and then derived from a calculated concat statement, the Concat works, but the Watermark - Does NOT work!


3. bottomRightWatermark - username (coming from an automatic username and then coming from a calculated concat statement, the Concat works, but the Watermark- Does NOT work!


4. topRightWatermark - @[dateTime:short] - Works fine! :-)


Here is the formula I have written in the bind::esri:parameters column:

topLeftWatermark="10 kV muffe - V2" bottomLeftWatermark=${wm2} topRightWatermark="@[dateTime:short]" bottomRightWatermark=${wm1}


I have attached the Form5.xlsx with all the two concat calculate formulas and the Watermark information for the five photos. 


I was wondering if you could help me to understand why the wm1 and wm2 Watermark instructions do not work, perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I have attached the data view to show that the wm1 and wm2 fields are capturing username and projekt nr. respectively.


Also, at one time I had a user who was testing with me and my photos displayed the Survey Name and Date, but for some reason on his photos that he took, only the survey name displayed and no date information showed as a watermark. So basically the Watermark functionality worked for me, but then it did not work for another user but he had the same version of the survey downloaded.


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide me with. Have a great day!


Best regards,


Colleen M. Schelde

Ørsted/Radius Elnet