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Extract Locations from Document (LocateXT) not finding coordinates?

Question asked by rhowell2 on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2019 by SeBenZa

I have a big project that involves parsing many PDF's for locations and just got a LocateXT license to try using the Extract Locations from Document tool. So far, I've had mixed results.


I've run the tool on 6 different PDF's; 2 of them work perfectly, 2 of them give me a bunch of garbage depending on the configuration of the tool but don't pull out the coordinates, and 2 of them won't give me anything no matter what I try.


The successful ones were in DMS and DD, the unsuccessful ones were a mix as follows:


118°45'15.435"W, 42°33'14.25"N

40.174996° N, 111.072179° W



(116°W, 43°N)

(lat 40°23'N, long 120°34'W).

located at 49'41'N and 74"35'W

(latitude 48°19'35"N, longitude 85°21'01"W)


I've run all of them through with varying combinations of what types of coordinates to parse for, but as I copied and pasted the coordinates into this I noticed a lot of the symbols got messed up (° changed to 0, etc) so that might be part of my problem. However converting it to Word and txt files didn't solve the issue.


My big question is has anyone had experience with this tool and has had success working through issues like I am having? Are there any resources you found helpful other than the tool documentation ( Any recommendations on how to make this more streamlined for processing many documents would be appreciated.