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WebApp builder Attribute Table Widget not Showing Integer Coded Values

Question asked by pmarley_usfs on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by sh12945_mesquite

In short: the attribute table widget in web app builder not showing values for integer fields with coded values.  


At least thats my take on the issue.



I have a web app created with the fold-able theme from AGOL embedded WebApp Builder.  Im trying to use the attribute table widget to view data of one AGOL hosted feature layer (Survey123 connect created feature layer).  When I open the attribute table widget, I see all data rows but im missing a bunch of data values (just blank).  Doing a little digging, it these fields are all integer and they use coded values with 3 unique domains.  The data is associated with the layer, and can been viewed using the popup, layer overview page, and even by exporting the table as a CSV from the attribute table widget (showing blank values).


Currently, Im unsure what is driving the issue, i see BUG-000119150 : When a field contains a Range Domain, values do not appear in the Attribute Table widget in Web App Builder.  But that specifically calls out range domains, not coded values.


Anyone else having the issues with a work around?