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Inbox Functionality with Relevant Questions

Question asked by IAldridge_CRT on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by IAldridge_CRT

I have a number of surveys which use the relevant functionality.  I would like to transition some of them into surveys which allow for the updating of information now that the data has been collected.  However, I am finding that if a relevant function is applied to a question the existing data is not populated.  It appears to be a situation where the data from a feature is loaded into a survey where possible.  If a relevant question is initial hidden the existing data will not appear even after the relevant criteria are met. 


Specifically, I have a survey where the user can update the features of an asset for a number of reasons.  If works have been carried out they are allowed to update some fields.  If they are doing a principal inspection they can update all of the fields.  However, I don't know what kind of inspection they are doing until they start... So, questions are initially hidden because the correct type of inspection has not been selected. 


I don't want to show all the questions all the time as that removes a significant amount of elegance to the solution.  Is there any way to get the survey to retrieve the values after the feature service has loaded from the inbox?


Thank you