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require field in one collector map but not another

Question asked by jakethepainter on Jul 23, 2019
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I have a workflow where one user will collect a bit of information, then later someone else will come back and collect more information on the same point.  The inspection points are already existing. I would like to require certain fields of the first user and certain different fields of the second user.  Obviously setting a field to be required won't accomplish this, since the first user will be prevented from submitting an inspection if the second half requirements aren't done yet.



I'd like suggestions on how to accomplish this using Survey123 and/or Collector.


The reason I don't like using the Inbox in Survey123 to do the second set of edits is that the way the inspectors move around is map-centric and the inspectors need to see our facility layers as well as just a generic basemap.  I'd like them to be able to use offline Collector map caches.


The edits are quite simple, so they could be done in Collector if there was just a tiny bit of validation.  Is there a way to use Arcade expressions to populate a hidden required field with "Y" if all the other expected conditions are met, for example?


Or is this a use-case for related records - should I chop the data up into separate tables instead of storing it all in the same one. (The inspection program has been running on ArcGIS Mobile for Windows since 2011, we're just upgrading to the current app suite).


I can use the latest version of Collector for IOS and Survey123 for this project.