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Consistent numbering of repeat items

Question asked by deleted-user--2hDb5YTmQS1 on Jul 23, 2019
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There are already some threads on how to number repeat items (e. g. How to assign each repeat group within a repeat a number label).


The proposed solution, using the once(count()) combination, seems to do the trick, but it cannot guarantee a consistent numbering of the repeat items. When, in a first instance, I create three items within a repeat (numbers #1, #2, #3) and then delete the first item (#1), the two remaining items still have numbers #2 and #3 (which is okay). Now, when I create another item (actually number #4) it also gets number #3 leaving me with two items that are numbered #3. (Maybe this is what James meant by noting '...that this does not update if a repeat is deleted mid-way through completing the form').


Is there any other way to consistently number all items in a repeat question, taking intp account that items might get deleted?


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