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Failed to validate the server managed database

Question asked by Mats_Hardy on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2019 by hlindemannesri-southafrica-esridist

I have installed ArcGIS Datastore on Server A, ArcGIS Server on Server B, Portal on Server C. Initially, the datastore on Server A is validated on Server B,Server B is federated to Server.


But yesterday, I have re-installed Server A, then I cannot validate datastore service on Server B. The error is found on DataValidator.GPServer:

<Msg time='2019-07-19T16:12:34,89' type='SEVERE' code='-1' target='DataValidator.GPServer' methodName='ValidateServerDataStore.Execute' machine='DGISMapW2016.fehd.hksarg' process='6376' thread='2336'  >
    The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized.
    Bad login user</Msg>


When I tried to set Server B as hosting server, the following error is found:

Unable to set dgismapw2016.fehd.hksarg:6443/arcgis as the hosting server.

Failed to update federated server 'dgismapw2016.fehd.hksarg:6443 (id: 1CyS8wC8kvFsTzEo)'. Failed to validate the server managed database '/enterpriseDatabases/AGSDataStore_ds_512zquke'.


I have tried the following ways but no use:

1. Uninstall and then install datastore

2. Register and then register datastore by datastore tools

3. Update license of datastore by datastore tools


Anyone have ideas?