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Popup Expression missing in Edit Application

11-17-2020 02:27 PM
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I have a web map where I am using an expression to calculate acreage based on the shape area and display this in the popup for that shape.  Some of the attributes are editable on the service, but only for editing values (no adding or deleting). This works perfectly when clicking on a shape in the web map.  I then created a web application based on the Edit template.  When you click on any shape in the application, the Arcade expression is not displayed in the popup where other attributes can be edited.  Is this a bug or some limitation of Arcade expressions, popups, and editing within Portal?

Steven Dague
GIS Analyst
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Hi @StevenDague ,

I think this is behavior as designed. The Arcade expression will calculate the area in the fly whenever you click on a feature and show this in the pop-up. The information is not stored in the schema and when you edit a feature you will only see the fields that are part of the schema and the Arcade expression is not.

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