Failed to validate the server managed database

07-19-2019 11:18 AM
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I have installed ArcGIS Datastore on Server A, ArcGIS Server on Server B, Portal on Server C. Initially, the datastore on Server A is validated on Server B,Server B is federated to Server.

But yesterday, I have re-installed Server A, then I cannot validate datastore service on Server B. The error is found on DataValidator.GPServer:

<Msg time='2019-07-19T16:12:34,89' type='SEVERE' code='-1' target='DataValidator.GPServer' methodName='ValidateServerDataStore.Execute' machine='DGISMapW2016.fehd.hksarg' process='6376' thread='2336'  >
    The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized.
    Bad login user</Msg>

When I tried to set Server B as hosting server, the following error is found:

Unable to set dgismapw2016.fehd.hksarg:6443/arcgis as the hosting server.

Failed to update federated server 'dgismapw2016.fehd.hksarg:6443 (id: 1CyS8wC8kvFsTzEo)'. Failed to validate the server managed database '/enterpriseDatabases/AGSDataStore_ds_512zquke'.

I have tried the following ways but no use:

1. Uninstall and then install datastore

2. Register and then register datastore by datastore tools

3. Update license of datastore by datastore tools

Anyone have ideas?

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Hi Mats,

navigate to C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\tools

run the tool

describedatastore.bat in an administrative command prompt 

The database name might have changed on reinstall, so make sure that  your DB ds_512zquke is reflecting on the line Information for relational data store [my database name]

if the DB name changed re-install your backup if you have one.

if the DB name did not change then the perhaps the DB users changed on re-install 

run the tool:

   "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\tools\listadminusers.bat"

then verify the result against:

   "[My Datastore path ]arcgisdatastore\pgdata\pg_hba.conf"

in this file, the user information will display if the user is present.

if the user did change contact your Esri support team to help you set up the old user on the new database.

Section 2 

Dis the datastore validate in ArcGIS Server Manager?

if not you can unregister the connection and then re-register it in ArcGIS Server Manager

being that this is a month later I hope this post helps future queries.

Kind Regards


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What is the procedure for doing what you mention in Section  2 above. How do you register a datastore from within Server Manager if the data store in question is a Relation Datastore that it the hosting datastore for your portal?

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