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GPS Source .csv file problems

Question asked by maroncarlson on Jul 17, 2019



We have a PPK workflow where I can export the post-processed image coordinates to a .csv.  How do I get Drone to Map to apply these coordinates in lieu of the image EXIF data?  Currently, the "GPS Source tool" seems to be the solution, but it doesn't seem to want to stick in my project.  Perhaps because the .csv is in NSRS (2007) CA Zone 6 or northing easting elevation coordinates?  Do these types of imported .csv files have to be in a geographic coordinate system-only format (lat/long/height)?


Also, is there a way to add 2 more fields in this type of .csv for horizontal and vertical accuracies?  Or maybe a way to edit the image table to reflect the PPK accuracies?  Pix4D allows for this.


Also how can you verify camera parameters prior to processing?  


Lastly, when will Geoid12B or North American Geoid models be supported?  Or at a minimum can you add an option (like Pix4D) for an "Arbitrary" vertical datum that could represent proper orthometric elevations...where this option zeros everything out and lets .csv file control the datum?