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Road Closures - How is it doing that?

Question asked by saadj on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by saadj

I'm working with the June updated Road Closures solution, and it's doing things that I'd like to replicate.  It seems that it's creating a custom symbology for features based on the date.  So, Road Blocks where the End Date is on or before the current date are 50% transparent.  This is great because editors can clearly identify old data.  The built-in filter doesn't support date variables or fields based on Arcade expressions, so you can't do this with conventional tools.


I can't figure out how to replicate that though.  It doesn't appear in the symbology settings.  I've reviewed the Arcade expressions in the popup configuration, which does return values based on the date, but I don't see anything specific to symbols, just the popup.


Also, the public views of the Road Closures layer somehow filters features based on the End Date, but it doesn't use the filter.  I think it uses a View Definition, but I can't view the View Definition because the web map can't parse the query.


The point is, our Public Works department would like another layer added to the map for Road Work Areas, and I'd like it to behave the same as the other layers, but I just can't figure out how they work.


I created the Road Work layer using the same data structure as the other layers, and copied the arcade expressions for the popup.  The rest is a complete mystery to me.


Anyone have any ideas?