Dynamic plotting of GPS location from a table

Discussion created by leonilindro on Jul 9, 2019
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Hi All,


I am faced with a peculiar problem. I am trying to plot GPS locations of camera trap locations used for wildlife population surveys. The problem is that the locations have been provided in a very messy way:

19 56 103    79 31.969
19 55 14.4    79 20 44.5
19.48.785    7930.767
19.47.686    79.30.58
19·39,73.1    79·29,93
19 43.1        79 24.47


I am finding it extremely difficult to understand the format (asking the person who has provided it is a not an option). If suppose I want to try a permutation or combination to break these numbers into deg-min-sec and then plot them (since i know the poly inside which each of them should fall), every time I will need to import the csv file into ArcGIS. I was thinking (just a wild thought), if there is some technique of dynamic plotting: where ArcGIS is plotting xy of a group of GPS locations from a table, and the location of point shifts if I edit the value of xy, without having to import a table with updated xy every time.


Hope I was able to explain myself.