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Scripting replication and synchronization workflow with ArcGIS Server and Geodata Services

Question asked by adam_gutonski on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by adam_gutonski

Our organization is currently using one instance of ArcGIS Server, where we have published a Geodata service that references an SDE connection file.  Via a python script we are able to create a check-out replica using the same SDE connection file, edit the features, and check the edits/changes back in to the SDE.Production version.  Once the changes have been checked in and synchronized to SDE.Production via another python script, I am able to use ArcMap/Catalog to see that the changes are immediately posted to the SDE.Production version.  However, if we attempt to re-create the checkout replica, it does not contain any of these edits that are showing in SDE.Production.  It is as if the current state of SDE.Production was never updated and we are replicating it's prior state.


Is there a specific way to synchronize the replicas so that changes are reflecting immediately?  Could there be a delay in the edits becoming available for replication?  Could this be due to pooling or recycling parameters?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  There is next to zero documentation on how to use the ArcGIS Server resources for check out replication.