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Only create excel files from specified expression.

Question asked by Brandon.Petry_ASUS on Jun 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Brandon.Petry_ASUS

I have built a model that iterates through my feature classes while only selecting attributes that have a specified expression and exports the tables to excel.  Hopefully that made sense.  The model works and excel files are created with only the attributes that pertain to my expression.


My problem is that it creates excel files for every feature class even if there is no data, (No data since there is an expression).   How/where can I add in another option to only export files that have my specified expression?


Below and attached is a view of the model.

Model Builder Image



To sum it up (easily), the tool as it stands, will find 1 feature class with data out of 10 and export 10 feature classes.  It needs to only export the feature class with the data.


My thought is having a statement, "if table has data, then export to excel", but I am not sure how to add this.